@ c4

(The meetup will likely be held in German but we’ll switch to English if needed.)

Dear Rustacean,

join us for our upcoming Rust Meetup on Wednesday 2024-06-05, 19:15 CEST.

If you’ve been waiting to explore Rust, this is your opportunity! This month’s meetup will feature an introductory talk about Rust, showcasing its approach to combining speed with safety, while eliminating many common errors found in other low-level languages.

After that there will be time to answer questions, discuss Rust, or just fetch a drink and mingle.

You can register here.

See you soon!

Yours, Florian and Kai

If you have a topic you’d like to talk about, please let us know in advance. This way we can make sure there’s a timeslot for you and maybe announce it officially. Thank you.

  1. Intro to Rust

Location: Chaos Computer Club Cologne (c4) e.V.

Heliosstr. 6a


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  • Via subway lines 3, 4, or 13 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel” (exit the station towards “Heliosstr./Bezirksverwaltung”)
  • Via bus lines 141, 142, or 143 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel”
  • Via train to “Köln-Ehrenfeld” (exit the station towards “Venloer Straße”)

Cross Venloer Straße and go into Heliosstraße. After 2–3min you arrive at the last building before an apartment complex labeled “Stayery” (on the right side). The entrance is next to the parking spots.