Dear Rustaceans,

it has been a while. So we’re all the more happy to announce that our next Meetup will be on Monday 2022-06-20, 19:15 CEST.

It will take place online at https://bbb.daten.reisen/b/flo-qcv-jgx-m5b.

The meetup will be split into two major parts.

The first part will be a regular meetup where we’ll talk about what has been happening in the Rust world. Florob will be giving a presentation on Rust’s Inline Assembly, a long awaited feature that has finally been stabilized.

The second part will be focused on the future of the meetup. Shortly after its inception the meetup had a relatively large organizer team of ~5 people. This had the benefit of distributing the work as well as being able to bounce ideas for the meetup around. As you may be aware that number had shrunk to a single remaining organizer. We’re now back to being a team of two.

Therefore, in this part we want to discuss how the meetup has been organized up to this point and what the future should look like. We’d be happy to see others from the community step up to help organize the meetup. There will be discussion of what exactly that entails. (Spoiler: Mostly finding topics and writing announcements)

We are looking forward to hearing and seeing you. :-)

Yours, Kai and Florian

The meetup will likely be held in German, we will however reevaluate this at the beginning of the evening and may switch to English if needed.

  1. Stable Inline Assembly

    Inline assembly is a fairly niche language construct, allowing to insert arbitrary instructions into a generated binary. Nonetheless it is usually implemented in systems programming languages to support use-cases where precise instruction sequences are required, such as embedded or cryptography. Rust’s support for it has only recently been stabilized and undergone major changes in the process. This talk will present what is available in stable Rust now and how we got there.

Location: Big Blue Button (daten.reisen)