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Dear Rustaceans,

we’re happy to announce that our next meetup will be on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 19:15!

This time around we’ll look into Rust’s capabilities surrounding parallel and concurrent programming. The evening will start of with a talk describing these capabilities and the practical application thereof. After that we have prepared some beginner to intermediate level exercises in parallel programming which can be solved alone or in small groups. Help with working these out will be available. We also expect more experienced participants to support those new to the language.

We are looking forward to seeing you. :-)

Yours, Florian

The meetup will likely be held in English, we will however reevaluate this at the beginning of the evening and may switch to German if desired.

  1. Fearless Concurrency and Trivial Parallelism — Theory and Practice

    In this talk we’re going to take a look at the building blocks Rust provides to make concurrent/parallel programs easier and safer to write. We will take a look at the interactions between its ownership system and the Send/Sync traits, how it prevents data races at compile-time and how things can be built on top of those primitives.

Location: Chaos Computer Club Cologne (c4) e.V.

Heliosstr. 6a


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  • Via subway lines 3, 4, or 13 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel” (exit the station towards “Heliosstr./Bezirksverwaltung”)
  • Via bus lines 141, 142, or 143 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel”
  • Via train to “Köln-Ehrenfeld” (exit the station towards “Venloer Straße”)

Cross Venloer Straße and go into Heliosstraße. After 2–3min you arrive at the last building before an apartment complex labeled “Stayery” (on the right side). The entrance is next to the parking spots.