@ c4

After a fully packed meetup in June, we decided to have an evening without any pre-announced talks.

What happens is entirely up to you: You can bring your current projects, questions, and ideas – or just be there and enjoy inspiring conversations with other Rustaceans!

As we don’t have any talks, there will be no favoured language. Discussions will happen in whatever language the participants feel most comfortable with.

Location: Chaos Computer Club Cologne (c4) e.V.

Heliosstr. 6a


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  • Via subway lines 3, 4, or 13 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel” (exit the station towards “Heliosstr./Bezirksverwaltung”)
  • Via bus lines 141, 142, or 143 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel”
  • Via train to “Köln-Ehrenfeld” (exit the station towards “Venloer Straße”)

Cross Venloer Straße and go into Heliosstraße. After 2–3min you arrive at the last building before an apartment complex labeled “Stayery” (on the right side). The entrance is next to the parking spots.