@ c4

This meetup will be (almost) one year after the release of Rust 1.0.

We will begin the evening with a short recap of what has happened on the way from 1.0 to 1.8. Exciting stuff!

After that, we will have a short session of “introduce yourself” (probably followed by “let’s fetch some drinks”).

What follows then is entirely up to you: You can bring your current projects, questions, and ideas – or just be there and enjoy inspiring conversations with other Rustaceans!

Oh, and: There might be a Rust birthday cake!

PS: Don’t forget to bring any equipment you need to be ready to write (and compile) some Rust!

PPS: The meetup will likely be held in German, we will however reevaluate this at the meetup and may switch to English if needed.

  1. Rust from 1.0 to 1.8

Location: Chaos Computer Club Cologne (c4) e.V.

Heliosstr. 6a


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  • Via subway lines 3, 4, or 13 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel” (exit the station towards “Heliosstr./Bezirksverwaltung”)
  • Via bus lines 141, 142, or 143 to “Venloer Straße/Gürtel”
  • Via train to “Köln-Ehrenfeld” (exit the station towards “Venloer Straße”)

Cross Venloer Straße and go into Heliosstraße. After 2–3min you arrive at the last building before an apartment complex labeled “Stayery” (on the right side). The entrance is next to the parking spots.